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Starting my first blog

Submitted by the admin on 25 October, 2007 - 23:22

As part of the S401 computer basics class at SLIS-Indy, this week’s assignment includes subscribing to RSS feeds relating to library science. I went to Bloglines to search for Library Science feeds. As it turned out "Library" was a better search term than "Library Science"; the latter restricted results too much. I was finding Library blogs about their new Science fiction titles, for example. When I removed "science" from the search, I found a few worth keeping. One was the Library Link of the Day, as mentioned in the post on the San José libraries. I also chose the news feed from the Library of Congress and News articles from Library Journal.

After that, one question asked which major news sites offer RSS feeds. I looked at a few, trying to get a worldwide sampling. Among the major ones I found with headlines on the site but no RSS feed (at least that I could find) were the Indianapolis Star, the Chicago Tribune, Pravda (I understand why they have English and Russian versions, but why are their other languages Portuguese and Italian?), Arab News, and Japan's Daily Yomiuri / Yomiuri Shimbun. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's page (version anglaise) had an RSS feed I could not find on the homepage; a search of their site found it here.

While searching for RSS news feeds, I got distracted with the Cryptic Crosswords I found at some of the sites. I finally came across a collection of many online and .pdf crosswords in English here. Cryptics give my mind more of a challenge than the standard American style crosswords. There are some words I only use when doing crosswords, like eke and ape (the verb).