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Drupal image question

Submitted by the admin on 11 August, 2014 - 23:51

I am wondering what the best option would be for adding images to Drupal 7.

I am running a new social media site for cats and their catlover humans at My authenticated users want to add images, including animated gifs, easily. I don't want the images to be too large, which would either mess up the display, take too long to load, take up too much disk space, or some combination thereof. I also don't want the images to interfere with other aspects of the site.

Here's what I have tried, and why it is not working optimally:

Image with Article. Only one image allowed per article, and Statuses (fbsmp) do not allow that to work properly.

Statuses / Facebook-style micropublisher. Images are compressed rather than resized; resizing cuts off the right edge; and the fbsmp module is interfering with images in articles.

IMCE. Works with CKEditor for most users; for others, they cannot upload. When I browse their files as administrator, I get the following error:

  • Directory u(%n) is not accessible.
  • Unable to get a working directory for the file browser!
  • Notice: Undefined index: perm in include() (line 14 of /home/.../public_html/.../sites/all/modules/imce/tpl/imce-file-list.tpl.php).

Also, some images are too wide and spill over into the right sidebar.

Drupal Wall. I tested it, giving only administrators permission to create posts. Authenticated users could post and comment on nodes, and anonymous users could view posts. Also, «Image Style: _none» appeared below the image when viewing the node with the image.