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News from Indiana Friday 18 April

Submitted by the admin on 20 April, 2008 - 01:18

First, there was an earthquake in southern Illinois about 5:30 AM eastern daylight time. I didn't feel it, but I heard dogs barking. I though "not again." There was a lost dog who would bark in the courtyard of my apartment complex in November or December; the animal control people finally had to take care of him. This quake measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. There was an aftershock [link broken] at 11:15 that was not as strong, but I noticed it. It felt like there was road construction or someone was waxing the floor with an industrial-strength buffer machine. I thought that it might be the neighbors, but two of those apartments are vacant, and the neighbors downstairs were outside and it could not have been them.

Friday afternoon I take a collection development cours in a virtual classroom; there are students from all around the state (Gary, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and New Albany [metro Louisville]) taking the class via closed-circuit television. A student at Fort Wayne (who is not in our class) was killed in her dorm room and all classes at IPFW were cancelled or dismissed early. The Fort Wayne students missed the end of our class. The Journal-Gazette has released the name of the victim and of the "person of interest"; both are from New Mexico, or so it seems.