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Moving a new library

Submitted by the admin on 22 June, 2011 - 15:02

The Edgar Springs Community Library will be moving in October. It is a relatively new library, having first been established in 2007, to provide library service for residents of southern Phelps County, which does not have a countywide system. The Edgar Springs Library is a non-profit organization and does not have any taxpayer support; the annual budget is about $1000. It is currently in a room off of the Lions Club hall, but will be moving to the second level of the town store in October.

The collection of approximately 4000 books is partially cataloged on cards, with author and title cards for some authors A-E, but not complete. What cards are there look more like ILS output than AACR2. The current location does not have internet or phone service (although cell phone signals are strong that close to US 63).

I am looking for suggestions on how best to move, catalog and classify the books (and tapes and DVDs). Which step should be done first?

  • is there a Missouri version of Evergreen or some equivalent open-source ILS?
  • is there an inexpensive way to get a web address for the library?
  • is there any company or library still providing catalog cards?